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Local planning matters

Each district council is required to have an up-to-date Local Plan which sets out how the area is to evolve in the years ahead. This gives us the chance to try and shape the places where we live into the future.

If you want more affordable housing for young people; if you want more local transport so that traffic is reduced; if you want fewer unsustainable commuter settlements that increase traffic and pollution whilst bringing limited economic benefit, you should take part in the periodic consultations that your local council undertakes and have your say. The earlier you can get involved in the formulation of your local plan the more likely you are to be able to influence the outcome.

Find your local council below and visit the page for information about the Local Plan in your area, consultation dates, and how to have your voice heard.

Information about the Cotswolds AONB can be found on its own page below. Read our consultation responses below.

Our consultation responses