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Our rooftop solar campaign

We’re running a campaign to urge the government to full realise the potential of solar on rooftops. Be a part of it, and help us kick start a rooftop revolution.

Did you know that installing rooftop solar panels on new buildings and over car parks alone could generate nearly the same amount of power as 10 nuclear power plants?

When rooftop across the country can host so much of the new solar energy we need, why are we not ensuring every suitable roof is being used for solar panels? Time is running out to make meaningful action on the climate emergency. But we also have a duty to make the best possible use of our finite land and leave space for wildlife and homegrown food.

That’s why we’re calling on the government to set a new and ambitious target for generating clean and affordable electricity from rooftops across the country. Expert research for CPRE has shown that at least 60% of the solar energy we need can be delivered through installations on new builds, commercial buildings and car parks.

Delivering more rooftop solar can help:

  • Cut carbon emissions and tackle the climate emergency
  • Spare more land for farming and nature
  • Reduce sky high electricity bills
  • Make our energy more efficient by generating power close to where it’s needed
  • Protect our beautiful countryside

We know that when we speak with one voice, the government will act. Last year, our people-powered campaign stopped the return of fracking. Now we urgently need your support to persuade the government to deliver solar panels on rooftops across the country.

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