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Improve your health and wellbeing

A couple with their eyes closed in a peaceful landscape
Enjoying the tranquillity of the countryside

Most of us have experienced the sense of calm that comes with time spent in the countryside. The fresh air and distractions of nature soothe the mind, and anxieties can be forgotten, however temporarily.

It’s no surprise then that a growing number of health professionals, community workers, naturalists and academics are advocating the use of ‘green therapy’ – time spent immersed in nature – to help those living with mental health difficulties.

We are delighted that Kathryn Buxton from Spacious-Mind Meditation will be joining us to run a series of mindful walking groups in the beautiful Gloucestershire Countryside.

Mindfully walking in nature has been shown to have many benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, giving space to quieten the mind chatter and building mental resilience for life’s inevitable challenges. Each walk is carefully guided to allow time and space to be fully present in nature, slowing down and being alive to whatever is around us. You will leave feeling refreshed and uplifted.