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A report on the social benefits of urban parks and green spaces. Conducted by Sheffield Hallam University and The University of Sheffield, the report focuses on the benefits of green spaces to people’s health, wellbeing and social integration.

Key findings:

  1. Physical health, mental wellbeing and life satisfaction are all enhanced through access to and use of parks and green spaces.
  2. Parks create important opportunities for social integration.
  3. Parks provide opportunities for community engagement and local residents value the chance to be involved in designing and improving their green spaces (e.g. through volunteering).
  4. Parks and green spaces highlight inequalities in society.
  5. Parks and green spaces enable people to connect with nature, which in turn brings benefits in terms of wellbeing.
  6. There are economic benefits of parks and green spaces.

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Space to Thrive: A rapid evidence review of benefits of parks and green spaces

Added 18 March 2020
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