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'Hedges' by Robert Wolton

Richard Lloyd, Vice Chair
By Richard Lloyd, Vice Chair
13th May 2024

Hedgerows are a characteristic and defining feature of much of the landscape of England and, rightly, have been a focus for campaigning by CPRE for their protection and better management and for the planting of new ones.

February 2024 saw the welcome publication of a comprehensive new book about hedges.  Written in a clear and engaging style and beautifully illustrated with over 300 outstanding colour photographs, the book explores the many benefits that hedgerows provide and how these can be increased in the future.

The author was Natural England’s hedge specialist and runs a small farm in Devon.  The book brings together research findings and practical experience of hedge management.  Chapters include the origins and history of hedges; post war losses, current extent, and hedgerow condition; value for wildlife and as wildlife highways; hedgerow trees; traditional uses; benefits for soil conservation, crop pollination, pest control and carbon storage; and hedge management.

This is a must have book for those passionate about hedges.

Hedges, British Wildlife Collection 13, Bloomsbury Publishing plc