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We’re celebrating our hedgerow heroes

27th July 2021

Hedgerows are the unsung heroes of the countryside.

They have been a defining attribute of the landscapes around us for over a thousand years, while providing pathways, shelter and sustenance for wildlife, protecting the soil, cleaning the air and absorbing carbon emissions.

But we’ve lost half our hedgerows since 1945, intensifying nature’s decline and hindering the fight against climate change.

We can turn this around.

If we start planting and restoring 1000s of miles of hedgerows every year, we can save and restore these humble heroes of the countryside, providing a home for wildlife and helping to fight climate change.

But this needs the government to lead. We need a 40% increase by 2050 at the latest. This means over 4,000 miles of new and restored hedgerows every year, starting right now.

Take part in our campaign by signing the petition calling on the government to commit to this ambitious target.

Take part

Help us to plant hedgerows

If you want to get your hands dirty, why not volunteer for our Hedgerow Planting project, in partnership with Cotswold Canals Connected, planting 4km of hedgerows. Find out more on the link below and register your interest by emailing us 

Hedgerow planting project