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Volunteer Story – Colin Evers

We asked our volunteers to answer some questions about their experience of volunteering with CPRE Gloucestershire and their thoughts on the countryside.














Colin Evers

Q: What was your first connection with the countryside?

A: As a very young child, just after the end of WW2 visiting my North Yorkshire relatives in Robin Hoods Bay. Walking the cliffs and the moors.

Q: What do you value most about the countryside?

A: Its variety.

Q: What is your favourite countryside spot in Gloucestershire to visit?

A: Probably my favourite spot/area is as I journey through the Vale of Castiard from Westbury-on-Severn to Abenhall.  I also enjoy a number of viewing points on the Forest of Dean escarpment looking down on the Severn Vale, or to the distant landscapes across the Dean. One of them is at Pleasant Stile as you drop down from Littledean to Newnham, another is from near the top of Ruardean Hill, and for the scenery and sometimes a goshawk the view from the top at New Fancy.

Q: What has your experience of volunteering with CPRE Gloucestershire been like?

A: Best described as “curate egg”. Good in parts. Great when we are able to achieve something. Miserable when we can’t.

Q: Tell us about some of the work you carry out for CPRE Gloucestershire

A: A long serving member on the Forest of Dean District Committee, I am currently a CPRE Gloucestershire Trustee, the elected member on the Gloucestershire Executive Committee, and a member of its Planning Policy sub group. In these capacities I have a wide range of interests, both strategic and locally specific. Nationally, I occasionally become involved in Task and Finishing Group work on a range of topics.