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Tree Management with Jeremy Evans from the Woodland Trust

In the final episode of our Topical Talk series, we spoke with Jeremy Evans from the Woodland Trust about Tree Management and Agroforestry.

Jeremy has worked with the Trust for over 20 years and is championing a new innovative role as Outreach Advisor.  This specialist team supports landowners up and down the country to integrate native broadleaf trees into our landscapes.  Combining trees with crops or livestock, known as ‘agroforestry’, is more productive and healthier for wildlife, and the planet at large.

Jeremy explained how the team is helping landowners to protect and preserve ancient specimens, diversify their farms, and create new woodlands, with the help of volunteers. They also advise on accessing government grants and support campaigns such as the Queens Green Canopy; a tree planting initiative to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

Find out more about the work of the Woodland Trust, and how you can become a volunteer here:

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About the Interviewer

Mark Hurrell has lived in Gloucestershire for over 30 years and was the editor of BBC Radio Gloucestershire from 2002 to 2016. His career in the media has been long and varied including a spell at BBC Points West TV where he was a regular presenter and reporter. Mark also worked on the BBC‘s coverage of WW1 and other major projects. He is a governor at the King’s School, Gloucester and was involved in the setting up of the Pied Piper appeal. In his spare time Mark is a keen amateur singer and supporter of Gloucester Rugby.

North Nibley Woods by Rosie Kinnear