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Farming and land management

We recognise that good management of the landscape depends on the viability of farming.

Our policies support farm businesses and diversification in a way which should also help deliver environmental objectives. Read our position statement on farming and land management further down the page.

‘Extinction: The Facts’

“With a million species at risk of extinction, Sir David Attenborough explores how this crisis of biodiversity has consequences for us all, threatening food and water security, undermining our ability to control our climate and even putting us at greater risk of pandemic diseases.

Last year, a UN report identified the key drivers of biodiversity loss, including overfishing, climate change and pollution. But the single biggest driver of biodiversity loss is the destruction of natural habitats.

Our destructive relationship with the natural world isn’t just putting the ecosystems that we rely on at risk. Human activities like the trade in animals and the destruction of habitats drive the emergence of diseases.”

Watch Extinction: The Facts on BBC iplayer here