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Biodiversity Matters with Dr Phoebe Carter

This month we’ll be bringing you two Topical Talks. Firstly we spoke with Dr Phoebe Carter from Biodiversity Matters about the ‘ecological emergency’. A really interesting chat with lots of tips for the garden that we can all take on board.


We spoke with Phoebe about the decline in biodiversity which she refers to as an ‘ecological emergency’. A number of species are in danger in the UK, with hedgehogs on the verge of extinction, and the house sparrow ‘red listed’.

But there is much we can do on an individual level to help. Phoebe gives us some fantastic tips we can use in our gardens to support wildlife and increase biodiversity – planting wildflowers, creating a log pile, or leaving the lawn or a patch of it unmown until September.

With over 20 years experience in nature conservation, both in the UK and overseas, Phoebe is passionate about making a difference to the natural world and is determined to help reverse the current biodiversity decline. She has a wealth of experience in habitat creation and the management of species and habitats across various landscapes. She is committed to making the built environment ’nature-inclusive’ and in so doing, creating spaces that benefit wildlife, people and the climate. Phoebe believes that nature should be accessible to all.

Phoebe runs Biodiversity Matters. Find out more about their work.

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About the Interviewer

Mark Hurrell has lived in Gloucestershire for over 30 years and was the editor of BBC Radio Gloucestershire from 2002 to 2016. His career in the media has been long and varied including a spell at BBC Points West TV where he was a regular presenter and reporter. Mark also worked on the BBC‘s coverage of WW1 and other major projects. He is a governor at the King’s School, Gloucester and was involved in the setting up of the Pied Piper appeal. In his spare time Mark is a keen amateur singer and supporter of Gloucester Rugby.