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Stop the Clay Shoot at Mount Oliver’s Meadow in Hartpury

16th February 2021

Plans for a clay shoot/rifle shoot at Mount Oliver’s Meadow in Hartpury have been submitted to Forest of Dean District Council, which would allow for shooting from 9am to 7pm up to 304 days a year.

The woods directly in front of Mount Oliver’s Meadow are home to a plethora of beautiful wildlife, including wild roe and muntjac deer. The Hartpury Heritage Trust, National Perry Pear Centre with wetlands is directly behind this site and contains many ducks, nesting geese and swans. Herons, egrets, bats and swallows swoop over the water with damsel flies and dragonflies. Many visitors enjoy this peaceful and stunning location which links some lovely walks and footpaths. There is also the impact of lead shot at this volume, which can break down into soluble sulphates and affect a substantial surrounding area, leaching into surrounding soils and water courses such as Colliers Brook, which runs all around the site at Mount Olivers Meadow, feeding into the river Leadon. The whole pellets are also commonly eaten by birds and other wildlife causing lead poisoning.

This will hugely affect the peace and quiet of this area with substantial noise pollution to local residents, pets and local wildlife, as well as a substantial increase in traffic all year round.

Currently shooting is allowed for 28 days per year, which is fair and has a relatively low impact on the area, residents and wildlife, and is mostly accepted. This application will be hugely impactful on the environment, wildlife and residents, including successful and established studs and equine businesses.

To oppose this application please write an objection letter to the Forest of Dean District Council. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • email your objection to quoting application P0162/21/FUL (and copy in
  • send your objection to the Council via their online planning portal (click the button below, log in or register to submit your objection via the portal)

You can also sign the petition set up by a resident (click the button below to sign)

Object via the planning portal

Sign the petition