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Save rural life – buses for every community

27th January 2021

We all have the right to a full, rich life – wherever we live. But without regular bus services, many people in rural communities are being cut off, isolated and left without the means to live an independent life.

The people living in our towns and villages deserve better.

As we start to rebuild, will you join us in calling for a reliable bus service for every community, wherever they live?

This situation isn’t inevitable. It’s the result of decades of underinvestment from successive governments leading to unreliable bus services. But we know it can be done differently.

We must act now if we want to create a truly thriving countryside for all. 

More buses means:

  • Less traffic and air pollution
  • Better access to local green space for everyone
  • More spending on our local high streets
  • Access to training and jobs for everyone
  • A ticket out of loneliness and isolation for our friends and family.

If people across the country speak with one voice, we know politicians will have to listen. With just a few clicks, you can be part of this.

Sign our petition calling for a reliable bus service for every community.

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