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Online planning seminars for Town and Parish Councils

20th May 2021

On Tuesday 25th May and Tuesday 1st June we are running online planning seminars for all Town and Parish Councils

On-line Planning Seminars for Town and Parish Councils: Course Outline

Tuesday 25th May 2021 2pm – 3.30pm: Seminar 1: Basic Principles and Decision Making
How the Planning System Works
• Origins and purpose of the planning system
• The two strands: development management and plan-making
Planning applications and sources of information
• Using Council websites
• What to look out for
How to get involved
• Principles for responding to planning applications
Community Infrastructure Levy
• How facilities are paid for

Tuesday 1st June 2021 10.00am – 11.30am: Seminar 2: CPRE’s Role and Resources; PlanMaking, and Appeals
CPRE’s Role and Resources
• What the Gloucestershire Branch does
Environmental Impact Assessment
• A brief outline of the need for EIA
• An overview of the process and means of engagement.
Planning Appeals
• Again, an overview of the process and means of engagementPlanning Reform
• What we might expect in the next few months
What can parishes do to shape their future?
• Neighbourhood plans

About the Presenter
David Crofts retired from paid professional work at the end of 2019 after 45 years in planning: over twenty in local government, fifteen in corporate consultancy and seven as a sole practitioner. In the last role he did much work for CPRE, drafting objections to major planning applications and representing the County Branch at numerous hearings and appeals. Besides preparing these seminars, he is in his new role as a Trustee helping to revise the Branch’s Position Statements on various planning topics, has made representations for the Examinations of the Gloucester City and Tewkesbury Borough Plans, and once again is drafting
objections to major planning applications.

How to book
To book your ticket to attend both seminars please email with the
• Your Name
• Your parish/town council name
• The amount you are paying
• Confirmation you are attending both seminars.

We will reply via email confirming your place and the online zoom link you will need to use to attend. You will also be asked to process the payment which is as follows and we will give you our bank details:

For existing CPRE members: £18 per person per seminar
For non CPRE members: £40 per person per seminar