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CPRE Countryside regeneration campaign launches in Gloucestershire

Matilda Jones
By Matilda Jones
9th October 2020

Covid-19 has renewed our appreciation of, and enthusiasm for, the countryside and green spaces around us, which have been a lifeline to regenerate families and individuals during lockdown. The need for green spaces within walking distance of homes has become increasingly vital for wellbeing, as well as the realisation of our need to make space for nature in order to increase the health of the world we live in. The countryside gives us life both in terms of the oxygen we breathe and our physical and mental wellbeing. We need to make sure we, in turn, regenerate and care for our countryside and green spaces so that they can be sustained, prioritised, and used well. 


According to a recent survey by the Office for National Statistics, one in eight people in the UK have had no access to a private or public garden space during Covid-19. With further plans to “build, build, build” we need to prioritise ‘brownfield first’ and ensure that all housing has sufficient access to green spaces.  It is vital that we support and value a healthy, living countryside, particularly in light of the environmental and social challenges that we are all facing such as the increasing climate crisis, lack of affordable housing, poor public transport, isolation and habitat loss.

CPRE is “the countryside charity”, that works for a beautiful and thriving countryside that enriches all of our lives. Since 1926, CPRE has worked hard to enhance, promote and protect the countryside including the communities within it.  They recognise that they can’t do it alone. CPRE believes that everyone can help to ensure that our countryside continues to provide us with the landscapes, wildlife, ways of life and emotional and physical wellbeing needed in the 21st century.  Their ambitious mission for their centenary in 2026 is to bring together a million people to strengthen the voice of the countryside.

In its new five week ‘Regeneration’ campaign which begins on 9th October, CPRE in the South-West seeks to build stronger connections with the countryside on our doorstep as we enter a ‘new normal’, whilst also highlighting the vital work of CPRE and the challenges it faces. 

Louise Williams, Director of CPRE Gloucestershire said, “We want everyone to have access to green spaces, and we are calling upon the public to #jointheregeneration and protect the countryside for today, tomorrow, and forever. We can all do our part, no matter how small, to protect the natural world around us”. 

The campaign will be offering advice for enjoying the countryside well, alongside highlighting some of the important issues affecting our area.

The campaign is running primarily on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – search for CPRE Gloucestershire”) and you can also sign up for updates on the CPRE Gloucestershire website ( If you would like to make a real difference to the Gloucestershire countryside you can also join as a member of CPRE Gloucestershire or sign up as a volunteer to help to tackle important issues such as inappropriate planning applications threatening our greenfield sites, health and wellbeing, and accessibility.

We would love for as many people as possible to get involved with the Regeneration campaign in order to start a meaningful movement that lasts long into the future. campaign