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What can I do?

We can all do our little bit to help protect our planet from further damage. Here is a helpful list of tips:

Reduce your food mileage

  • buy local: find your local butcher, green grocer and milkman (or woman)
  • when buying in the supermarket, check which country your food item has been flown in from. How many miles has it flown?
  • only buy seasonal fruit and veg

Reduce your plastic consumption

  • most supermarkets are selling loose fruit and veg. You can bring your own containers in from home
  • check out your local loose food and plastic free shops – there’s one in Stroud, Cheltenham and Gloucester. Simply take along your own containers and fill up!
  • say no to plastic bags – bring used ones and bags for life from home

Use kinder to nature products

  • there are a few brands that make eco friendly cleaning products and one major supermarket sells their own
  • don’t buy scouring sponges to wash up  – they do not bio-degrade
  • don’t buy and use kitchen roll – this doesn’t bio-degrade either
  • recycle recycle recycle – if you can’t recycle at home, find your nearest recycling depot


  • if you can walk, and you don’t need to drive, walk or cycle (get your steps in!)
  • if you can, buy an electric car, electric points are popping up all over the county
  • take the bus and train wherever you can.  If you live somewhere and the bus route has been cancelled, we would love to hear from you