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One Small Change

We should have heard the message loud and clear by now, from Greta Thunberg to Sir David Attenborough. Our planet is deteriorating, and the very places in nature we hold so dear may not be here for our grandchildren. What can we do?

It can often feel like the climate crisis is out of our control or that we’re too small to make a significant difference. We know that corporations and Governments must be held to account to play their huge part in tackling the climate crisis, but at the same time there are many small changes all of us can make in our daily lives which, together, can make a big difference.

Our One Small Change campaign will share ideas and tips about small changes we can all make to create a sustainable future for the Earth.









One small change is all it takes in our daily lives. One different purchase, one different action, no matter how small, can make a difference. We hope you will take part to do your bit.

One small change: Most supermarkets now stock household cleaning products that are kinder to our environment. Tesco have their own range, and Sainsbury’s stock Ecover and Method.

Go One Better: You may have near to where you live a shop that refills empty household cleaning products so you don’t have to keep buying the plastic bottles. Some great local shops that provide a refill service are:

One small change: Only buy produce that isn’t wrapped in plastic.

Go One Better: Not only that, but buy produce that is grown in the UK, and is seasonal. 1Around 1.5% of imported fruits and vegetables travel by air but this 1.5% accounts for around half of all emissions associated with fruit and vegetable transport, excluding travel to the shops. Including shopping trips, the air freighting stage accounts for two fifths of transport emissions. 1[, accessed 17.03.21]







One small change: A third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our houses. Reducing the thermostat from 19 to 18°C is estimated to result in energy saving of around 13%.  (Source: How much energy could be saved by making small changes to everyday household behaviours? Jason Palmer, Nicola Terry, Peter Pope, Cambridge Architectural Research DECC, UK Gov 2012

Go One Better: Have you thought about installing a thermal heat source pump and/or solar panels? Do you know the green credentials of your energy supplier?

One Small Change: Don’t buy water in plastic bottles – always refill a reusable plastic bottle and take it out with you







Go One Better: Rainwater Harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater that would otherwise flow down gutters into the drain. Rainwater is collected from the roof, then re-used within the home and garden. This can provide substantial savings on water bills, as well as making your home more sustainable.

Tell us what One Small Change you’ll be making in your daily life to help the planet. Email us at or find us on our social media and use the hashtag #onesmallchange

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