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Princess Royal calls for more affordable housing in rural areas

1st September 2020

Princess Anne guest edited a special edition of ‘Country Life’ magazine (29 July edition).

In it she emphasised that there is a shortage of affordable houses in most rural areas, and called for more and appropriate housing for people in rural communities.

'One of my pleas for best practice is quality, appropriate housing of the right type and the right numbers in the right places. Housing for local families that are priced out of the market; for young, single people who would like to stay and work in their home village or area; young families; and retired people who were born in the village and would like to return home.'
Princess Anne

In the opening article she also paid tribute to her parents for instilling a lifelong love of nature and talked about controlling our waste, renewable energy, and raising the profile of the Countryside Code in the hope of securing a brighter future for the countryside.

Read the full article here