Gloucestershire stone stiles project

Can you help with our Gloucestershire Stone Stiles Project?

There is no definitive list of stone stiles in Gloucestershire and most are unprotected. We need your help in producing a record of them.

Stone stiles are a characteristic of the Cotswold landscape of Gloucestershire, with many stiles over 200 years old. For centuries stone stiles have allowed pedestrian access across the countryside and as such indicated ancient pathways which predate land enclosure, and point to where farmsteads, barns and villages, long since vanished, existed. Despite their historic value there is no complete photographic record with locations, and if no action is taken, many of our stiles would simply disappear and an important part of our rural heritage would be lost forever.

There are 3 main types of stile; The Slit, the Step and the Slab. Examples of each are pictured below.






















This project is lead by Peter Wilson, volunteer and member of CPRE Gloucestershire.

The Aims of The Project – The first priority is to build a county-wide database with a photograph of each stile to show its characteristics, location and OS reference. Secondly, we want to create an interactive app which will enable anyone to add a stone stile record, and to view all recorded stone stiles, encouraging more people to explore the countryside around them and add to their enjoyment on country walks. Additionally the App will identify the ease of access of footpaths to enable people with a disability to plan their walks.

Our goal is to record every remaining stone stile in Gloucestershire before they are lost forever. Please help us to establish this important historical record of our Gloucestershire countryside.

How can you help?

If you are out walking and you spot a stone stile, or if you know of an existing stile already, please photograph it and complete a stile recording form detailing the location.

Download a recording form here: Stone Stile Recording Form

Email your completed forms to Peter at

You can also support this project by donating to our fundraiser, more info below.

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