Save the Newnham on Severn phone box

This phone box in a conservation area of Newnham on Severn is a historic monument that is under threat to be sold on Ebay.

Landmarks such as these form part of the heritage of our rural landscapes. Preserving them is also preserving our history; a moment in time when people used to talk on the telephone when other forms of communication we have today didn’t exist.

The community see it as a much loved local landmark and have set up a petition to keep the phone box.


We’re delighted to report that Historic England have awarded the phone box listed building status. The Parish Council then met and decided against the removal and sale of the phone box.

Tony who is working on this campaign said: “We will now start discussions about how we repair and restore the box and it’s future maintenance. I want to thank you for your great support and for informing your members. If any of them did write to the Council or sign my petition, please thank them on my behalf.”

Residents have put together some suggestions for alternative uses of the phone box including:

  • Book exchange
  • Food bank
  • Art Gallery to showcase local talent
  • Charging point for Electric Vehicles
  • Dog water and dog cleaning station
  • Tourist information point
  • Defibrillator
  • Garden produce exchange
  • Seed Bank