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Rob Gould, Cotswold Forager

We have exciting plans for some events and partnership working with Rob Gould, Cotswold Forager coming up. Watch this space.

Rob has over twenty years of foraging experience under his belt, having harvested wild edibles both in the Cotswolds and further afield in the UK, including the fabulous New Forest, the beautiful Scottish Highlands and the wonderful coastlines of Cornwall and Pembrokeshire. He has also tested his knowledge overseas in Greece, France and Scandinavia, amongst others, and is currently working with a fantastic family run holiday business based in the UK, putting together various itineraries to offer unique foraging experiences in Tuscany. As well as foraging, Rob is also skilled in various food preservation techniques, but is particularly interested in those which can be used to enhance and manipulate flavour, including smoking, curing, pickling and lactofermentation. He is really looking forward to working with CPRE Gloucestershire.

“Having foraged for myself and my family for many years, I have for the last year or so been working with various outdoors groups, clubs and local restaurants in order to help more people grow an understanding and appreciation of our wild larder. I am very interested in the seasonality of wild edibles, although I am equally keen to find new and interesting ways to preserve and prolong these seasons, particularly if these methods work to enhance and manipulate the available flavours.

I see foraging as a way of getting people to think about and develop a love for the wild food all around them in the outdoors, as well as helping to grow a greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world as a whole. I hope you will see and grow to understand different habitats, understand why certain plants grow there in preference to elsewhere, and start to see links and patterns in plants that are edible or usable in various other ways. Sometimes a walk may end up with you taking nothing physical home, but I would hope that you will return there with a greater knowledge and to be far better prepared for your next outing in the outdoors.”

Take a look at Rob’s website for information about his work: