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The North Cotswolds Clean-up

24th March 2021

At the beginning of March we started our North Cotswolds Clean-up campaign. We’ve had a fantastic response with lots of residents volunteering to get out and clean up the local area.

In some towns and villages we now have co-ordinators to organise regular litter picks and help identify particularly bad areas that need to be cleaned up more regularly.

We’ve had some mind-boggling photos of the rubbish you’ve collected, with huge amounts being picked up in a short space of time. Though it’s really disheartening to see just how much of a litter problem we have, it’s truly heartwarming to see people getting out and cleaning it up. Some of our volunteers got the whole family involved too!









We are working with the Pristine Parish project who are keeping a picture record of parishes across the country. More information can be found here.

Harm to animals

We know that litter is a danger to our wildlife, and we sadly received some reports of the harm caused, like this vole which climbed into a  discarded bottle and got trapped inside.










You can recycle glass and cans you pick up through your own recycling collection or at recycling centres. Plastic can be more difficult because some is not recyclable and we do find some is in a poor state if it has been there for some time. Cotswold District Council have confirmed their recycling collection service takes most types of plastic. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the litter collected will end up as non-recyclable waste and be incinerated or go into landfill. If you don’t have enough space in your own bins you can contact Cotswold District Council who will send you stickers to put on the bags so that they can be collected kerb-side with the rest of your waste.









Some of our volunteers found much larger items and clear examples of fly tipping. If you come across fly-tipping you can report it to Cotswold District Council.

Join us

Thank you to all of our brilliant volunteers. If you’d like to join our Clean-up get in touch and we’ll send you more information – 

If you’re unable to take part but would like to donate to cover some of our costs we’d be so grateful.

Donate here