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Hedgerow restoration with Friends of the Cotswolds

We have partnered with Friends of the Cotswolds to carry out some much needed hedgerow restoration through an apprenticeship scheme


By identifying with local landowners in the Cotswolds where hedge restoration is most needed, this project will deliver the hedge-restoration work with two newly recruited apprentices. The Friends Of The Cotswolds has an existing scheme which would teach the two young apprentices business management, marketing and accounting plus some aspects of VAT and tax alongside learning the hedge laying trade.

The project will bring in CPRE volunteers, community members, school children and Cotswold Wardens (from Cotswolds National Landscapes (CNL)) to help with the project on specific days.

Hedges play a crucial role in sustaining biodiversity and mitigating against the climate crisis. They are home to a wide array of wildlife, bug life and tree species. They have to be protected and restored and we all have a role to play.

Our Director Louise Williams on this exciting project: “We would like to combine the practical necessity of restoring hedgerows whilst ensuring the long-term sustainability of the skill through an apprenticeship scheme. This project also has the added advantage of providing two local people with employability skills. We are really pleased to have secured funding for this via a corporate sponsor who is very much involved in the green agenda.”