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This section includes our current press releases and our newsletters and annual reviews.

2 July 2019 


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Kit Braunholtz is a man who likes a good challenge it seems. He is also proof that age is simply a number. They say you are as old as you feel. If you feel like attaching yourself to the wing of a plane, to celebrate your birthday, then you would look as young as Kit does now! Kit has been passionate about conservation since the 1970s and has been a lifelong member of CPRE. At 90 Kit’s thinking is inspiring. He is looking to the future by dedicating his Wing Walk to a cause that is focused on caring for our countryside for our children, our grandchildren and future generations.  Climate change, and the disappearance of our nature and wildlife, is hitting the headlines on a daily basis. Kit is making his own headlines by doing something positive to help highlight these issues by strapping himself to the wings of a biplane at Rendcomb airfield on August 7th.

8 April 2019

CPRE welcomes ‘Wilder’, the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trusts’ Manifesto for our county.

13 March 2019

CPRE Gloucestershire’s Rural Excellence Award 2019 Scheme is now open for nominations. The Awards panel are hoping to encourage nominations from teams of professionals who are tackling significant rural issues like affordable rented housing. ‘The example set by the 100% affordable housing development at Whittington Close, St Briavels, last year, is an inspirational illustration of the local District Council working with partners to provide nine rental properties, meeting an identified housing need,’ comments Richard Lloyd, Vice Chair of CPRE Gloucestershire.

1 February 2019

CPRE is inviting everyone to take part in Star Count 2019 to help map our magical dark skies. The nationwide Star Count, which is also supported by the British Astronomical Association, goes live tomorrow, and will be running for the first three weeks of February (Saturday 2 February – Saturday 23 February)

9 October 2018

This year CPRE Gloucestershire Rural Excellence Awards were given to a broad range of projects but there was a significant celebration of affordable housing in the County. “At a time when we are seeing wrong houses being built in the wrong places across the County, it is encouraging for us to recognise well designed, well built affordable housing in Gloucestershire,” commented Professor Patricia Broadfoot, Chair of CPRE Gloucestershire. “This is how it can be done. These are showcases of housing designed for our young people, young families and communities. We need to shout out about it,” continues Professor Broadfoot. 

Monday, 16 July 2018 15:18

'There is a Better Way'

Written by Lucy Blyth

CPRE release Alternative Vision for Gloucestershire 2050

16 July 2018


The LEP, County Council and University of Gloucestershire have recently presented a vision, Gloucestershire 2050, and are leading a public consultation on its plans. In response to concerns about some of these proposals, CPRE Gloucestershire has recently released its own vision, ‘THERE IS A BETTER WAY’ for the County to 2050.

In its vision, ‘THERE IS A BETTER WAY’, CPRE focuses on the prosperity of the people of Gloucestershire, by increasing the value of their jobs, rather than mass in-migration to fill a hugely increased number of lower value jobs.

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