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'There is a Better Way'

Monday, 16 July 2018 15:18


CPRE release Alternative Vision for Gloucestershire 2050

16 July 2018


The LEP, County Council and University of Gloucestershire have recently presented a vision, Gloucestershire 2050, and are leading a public consultation on its plans. In response to concerns about some of these proposals, CPRE Gloucestershire has recently released its own vision, ‘THERE IS A BETTER WAY’ for the County to 2050.

In its vision, ‘THERE IS A BETTER WAY’, CPRE focuses on the prosperity of the people of Gloucestershire, by increasing the value of their jobs, rather than mass in-migration to fill a hugely increased number of lower value jobs.

Professor Broadfoot, Chair of CPRE Gloucestershire, states ‘We are focused on the pride people of Gloucestershire have in their county, and want to see a better future by improving existing urban and rural communities and environments, which make up its uniqueness, rather than destroying it with grandiose projects no-one wants”. Professor Broadfoot is referring, in particular, to the Super city, of Cheltenham and Gloucester combined, suggested in the Gloucestershire 2050 Vision. “We want the public to be aware of what is being proposed and have developed our own view of the future of Gloucestershire. We are keen for people to respond to the Gloucestershire 2050 Vision, by the deadline of 31st July, to have their say about the future of our County”.

“Our own vision, ‘THERE IS A BETTER WAY’ highlights what makes Gloucester and Cheltenham individually distinctive, rather than encouraging further sprawl, and promotes connecting them to the countryside through enhancing the natural quality of the green belt rather than destroying it,” continues Professor Broadfoot.

The CPRE document suggests more of a focus on investing in the County’s smaller towns so that they are self-standing vibrant places where people live and work, not sleep and commute. It also supports the need to retain, and enhance, the provision of some of the best food, fibre and timber for the nation from the countryside while maintaining the most loved and distinctive landscapes.

CPRE believes in encouraging specialrecognition for the County’s natural environment, landscapes and wildlife and ensuring access to it for the people of Gloucestershire. This might include a National Park for the Cotswolds, AONB status for the Forest of Dean, a regional park in the Severn Vale, and the support of the Cotswold Water Park as a haven of quiet recreation and immersion in its special water environment. 

Of particular focus in CPRE’s vision is the need to address the more acute, and publicly supported, issue of supplying the right kind of houses in the right place. The public should be offered future homes that meet high standards of design, eco- friendliness and access to open spaces. Special thought will have been given to the needs and care of older people.

Respond to the Consultation here: Consultation Response



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