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Planning and Localism: Choices and Choosing

Sunday, 01 December 2013 00:00

First published in February 2012, this guide was commissioned by CPRE Gloucestershire Branch to help communities, local authorities and others select the most appropriate approach to community-led planning for their local circumstances and to achieve the best outcome for their area through collaborative working. This is a rapidly evolving area and an updated guide has now been published (November 2013).

There are many approaches to community-led planning, some long established and some new ones such as Neighbourhood Plans introduced through the Localism Act. But what approach is most appropriate in your area and how do you find out more about it?

The Guide will be of value to community groups, parish/town councils, local authority officers and members, developers and businesses. It takes you through the different planning tools available to local communities and explains the advantages and disadvantages of following different approaches, with some helpful case studies to illustrate various scenarios.

The Guide draws on previous research for CPRE Gloucestershire Branch which examined the effectiveness of community-led planning through Parish Plans, Village Design Statements and related approaches.


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