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Transport in Gloucestershire

Thursday, 01 December 2016 09:33

Local train at Cam and Dursley Local train at Cam and Dursley Richard Lloyd MBE

Land use planning and transport need to be considered together.

Our main roads - the M5, the A417, A40, A429 and the A48 - are often congested, but Gloucestershire has seen its fastest growth in traffic on minor rural roads, where most fatal road traffic collisions occur. In our bid to protect the countryside in terms of its environment and the people who live in it, CPRE Gloucestershire has strongly advocated good practice in planning so that new developments are readily accessible by foot, bicycle and public transport and that major housing development is located near to employment opportunities minimising the need to travel where possible.

Our CPRE Gloucestershire policy on transport covers travel demand and the location of new development, public transport and park and park and ride, road safety, recreational uses of country lanes, and measures to minimise environmental impact.  It should be read alongside our policy on housing and employment.

Gloucestershire County Council policy on transport is contained in the Local Transport Plan 3 which was adopted in 2016 and covers the period up to 2031.  CPRE Gloucestershire inputted into its preparation.

As well as grass-roots campaigning work, CPRE Gloucestershire supports research that leads to resources published by our national CPRE office, based in London. This includes the Transport Toolkit, which is an informative and helpful guide for town and parish councils, urban neighbourhoods, local communities and people of things that can be done to improve local travel. This is published on the national CPRE website where you can read about how Stonehouse was revitalised with an innovative shared space scheme. Sustrans, the sustainable transport charity, has some photos of the changes in Stonehouse on their website, where you can also find their Handbook for Cycle Friendly Design.

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