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Farming and food

Thursday, 24 November 2016 10:52

Farming and food Rob Colley

CPRE Gloucestershire recognises the vital role of farmers in the evolution of Gloucestershire's landscapes and that good management of the landscape depends on the viability of farming. We encourage farmers to make full use of Countryside Stewardship wherever possible and our policies support farm businesses and diversification in a way which also help to deliver environmental objectives. Countryside Stewardship is open to all eligible farmers, woodland owners, foresters and other land managers.

You can read CPRE Gloucestershire policy on farming and land management online or download it below.

CPRE is particularly supportive of initiatives to encourage consumers to seek out locally produced foods for their health benefits, community benefits, benefits to the local economy and benefits for the environment.  Below, you can download a copy of our guide Local Food: your pocket guide

With the decision that the UK should leave the European Union, the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will no longer apply.  40% of EU spending goes on agricultural support through the CAP.  There is now an opportunity to design a new system that continues to support farming (and especially the small farms which are slowly disappearing) while delivering more benefits for the wider public: protecting distinctive landscapes, reversing declines in wildlife, improving the choice of fresh local produce and creating opportunities for rural employment and enterprise.  At national level CPRE will be engaging in the debate and discussions which will frame the new policies.  It has already produced one discussion paper - New Model Farming.  The New model farming paper argues that a more diverse farming sector - in demographics, farm size and production – would forge a more resilient future that offers rewards beyond food: beautiful landscapes, clean water, abundant wildlife, better flood management and improved carbon storage.  It also argues that a post-Brexit settlement along these lines would make clearer the public benefits of huge public investment in farming.  You can download the paper below

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