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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 13:03

CPRE light pollution survey Gloucestershire CPRE light pollution survey Gloucestershire CPRE

As our name suggests, campaigning is the core focus of CPRE's activities. So what do we campaign for?

The countryside is not just about the landscape, but it's an essential part of our work to try and influence the ways in which people use it for the good of all who enjoy it and live in it. The countryside should be a thriving and vibrant place so we support those who live and work there through through our advocacy based on a comprehensive set of policies from affordable housing, farming and land management to employment. Our energy policy was written because the countryside is a precious resource for all and we believe that promoting good practice in renewable energy and locating infrastructure in a sympathetic way to the countryside is not just possible but the best way forward.

National campaigns in recent years have included tacking litter and reducing use of plastic bags as well planning to keep areas dark so that the stars can be seen more clearly.  And here in Gloucestershire, we have one of the longest-running campaigns of any - to gain a special status for the Forest of Dean to join the Wye Valley, Cotswolds and the Malvern Hills as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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